Saturday, February 21, 2015

Caught On Camera: Man In Baguio City Trying To Steal From Saint Louis University Students

If you've experienced being a student in any of the major universities in Baguio City, then you know what the gates look like during dismissal and rush hours. The hundreds of students either entering or going out the gates create a commotive environment. Finding yourself in such a crowd, you sort of take for granted what's happening around you. You readily presume that you are in safe territory because all around you are your fellow students.

Unfortunately, there are professional thieves out there who take advantage of these situations and rush hours to prey on unsuspecting students. These thieves hang around university gates, dress and act like students, and pounce when they see students with easy-to-open backpacks or bags. There are dozens of reports of students  losing their wallets. mobile phones, and other valuables in or near school gates. Coincidence? Nope. This is simply because a lot of thieves hang around in these areas.

In the following video, a pickpocket was caught on camera trying to steal from the backpack of a student. The footage was taken along Bonifacio Street near the main entrance of the Saint Louis University. A man in a red baseball cap can be seen following two students and trying to pry open the backpack of one of the students.

Needless to say, if you are a student in Baguio City, better keep a firm grip on your mobile phone, bag or whatever valuable you have with you when going to and from school.