Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Faces Behind The Names: The 13 Cordilleran Cops Who Were Among The 44 Slain In Maguindanao

On January 29, 42 of the 44 commandos who fell during the tragic Masapano encounter in Maguindanao arrived in Manila. All of them were members of the Philippine National Police's elite Special Action Force (SAF). Young and still in the early years of their careers in the force, the nation mourns as their bodies are prepared to finally make their way home to their families.

Today (January 30) has been declared as National Day of Mourning to honor the 44 who made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting this country. Most of us don't know the men personally but what they did (and what their compatriots continue to do) is the very definition of heroism.

Thirteen of the forty-four policemen who fell during the firefight are Cordillerans. They are sons of Benguet, Kalinga, Mt. Province, and Ifugao. In this national day of mourning, we take the time to look at their faces and realize the gravity of the sacrifice they made just so we can live in a country that is free from the likes of Marwan and Basit Usman.

Here are the Cordilleran 13. For the names and faces of all the 44 cops, go here. [All photos courtesy of the Philippine National Police - Special Action Force and Rappler.]

In summary, here are their names and where they were from:
1. Police Officer 2 Walner Danao of Irisan, Baguio City
2. Police Officer 2 Franklin Danao of Tinoc, Ifugao
3. Police Officer 3 Noel Golocan from Lepanto, Benguet and Mt. Province
4. Police Officer 2 Peterson Carap from Kabayan, Benguet
5. Police Officer 1 Russel Bilog of Tabuk, Kalinga and Sagada, Mt. Province
6. Police Senior Inspector Cyrus Anniban of Balbalan, Kalinga
7. Police Officer 1 Angel Kodiamat from Bontoc, Mt. Province
8. Police Officer 1 Gringo Cayang-o of Sadanga, Mt. Province
9. Police Senior Inspector Gednat Tabdi from La Trinidad, Benguet
10. Police Officer 2 Joel Dulnuan from Kiangan, Ifugao
11. Police Officer 2 Noble Kiangan of Mankayan, Benguet
12. Police Officer 2 Jerry Kayob of La Trinidad, Benguet
13. Police Officer 3 Robert Allaga of Banaue, Ifugao