Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Long Overdue Rehabilitation Of The Baguio City Athletic Bowl

The state of the Baguio City Athletic Bowl has always been a source of controversy. Dilapidated seats, leaking roofs, and tracks susceptible to flooding are just among the woes that have hounded the sports facility for too long.

Rehabilitation of the facility has been put on hold countless of times because of the unavailability of funds. This changed this year when the city finally decided to get to work and save the facility from further damage. Millions of pesos have been set aside to overhaul the place.

The rehabilitation project started a few months ago. The stands have been ripped apart to be replaced. The track itself has been dug up.

The question now is will the rehabilitation be complete when February next year comes around? The city is set to host the annual Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) meet and the Athletic Bowl will be the main venue for most of the events.

The CARAA is merely two months away. With the current status of the rehabilitation project (a couple photos of which you can see below), do you think they will able to wrap things up before February rolls in and hundreds of athletes from all over the region knock on the Athletic Bowl's door?
The Cordilleran Sun

The Cordilleran Sun