Friday, December 26, 2014

14-Year-Old Boy Drowns In One Of The Lagoons Inside Camp John Hay In Baguio City

A 14-year-old boy in Baguio City drowned in one of the lagoons inside Camp John Hay Tuesday afternoon (December 23). The teenager's body was recovered from the lake 16 hours later. The victim has been identified as Kim Marinas, a resident of Country Club Village.

According to a Manila Bulletin report, the boy along with a companion identified only as Dodong were playing near lagoon 7 of the Camp John Hay golf course when they fell into the water. A photographer who happened to be nearby rushed to help them but was only able to pull Dodong out of the water.

A response team composed of agents from the Baguio City Police, Bureau of Fire and Protection, and City Disasters Risk Reduction and Management Council were sent to the site but they weren't able to retrieve the body of Marinas until 9:30 am of the very next day.

According to GMA News, Marinas and two other boys (Manila Bulletin reported only a single companion) went to the lagoon to catch frogs when the accident occurred.
Photo by Allan Reyes via Flickr.
The lagoon where the boy drowned is about 6 meters deep. According to Senior Superintendent Rolando Miranda, head of the Baguio City Police, his office is investigating why the boy was naked when he was retrieved.

Concerned citizens are also questioning why children are allowed to play near a lagoon that is 6 meters deep.