Friday, November 21, 2014

Stefene Galidan Case Update: A Copy Of The Autopsy Report

Currently gripping the towns of Bauko and Bontoc in Mt. Province is the case of Stefene Galidan, a 20 year old student who died on November 5 while being treated at a hospital. He was brought to the hospital by policemen who accosted him earlier for curfew violations.

The police report by the Bontoc Municipal Police Station stated that Galidan was brought by the policemen to the hospital after he fell off the police patrol car. However, many people are not buying the police report. An indignation rally was recently held in Bontoc calling for the truth. The five cops involved in the case were also relieved from their posts.

Below is a copy of the autopsy report conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). If you can't view the photo of the report, we've also added a transcript of it below.

Case of Stefene Galidan y Bosleng, 20 years old, male, resident of Mt. Data Cliff, Monamon Sur, bauko, Mt. Province. referred to the undersigned for autopsy on November 5, 2014 at 2:40 pm.

Autopsy was done on November 6, 2014 at 10 am at Bontoc General Hospital, Bontoc, Mt. Province. Deceased was wrapped in white cloth, was wearing a white t-shirt and jogging pants. Body in complete rigor mortis with fixed posterior lividity.

Evidence of external injuries:
1. Multiple contused abrasions, face
2. Multiple contused abrasions, hands, left and right
3. Multiple contused abrasions, arms, left and right
4. Contused abrasion, shoulder, right

Evidence of internal injuries:
1. Scalp hematoma, top to the right side of the head
2. Hematoma, left and right sides of the brain (just above the ears)
3. Fracture, middle and posterior base of the skull, right side
4. Traumatically detached, central and lateral incisors, left
5. Contusion, upper lip, left side
6. Massive hemorrhage and contusion, stomach, with 200 cc blackish-brown fluid
7. Laceration, pancreas
8. Severe hemorrhage, left kidney

Cause of death: Multiple traumatic injuries
Remarks: Ongoing histopathological examination

Signed by Dr. Sheilah Marie P. Mapalo (Medico-Legal Officer)
Noted by Atty. Florencio C. Canlas (Officer In Charge)
Photo by Ricky Samidan via Facebook.