Monday, November 17, 2014

Policemen Conducting Marijuana Eradication Operations In Kibungan, Benguet (PHOTOS)

Lately, the municipal police station in Kibungan and other concerned agencies have been stepping up their efforts to put a stop to the proliferation of marijuana plantations in the municipality. From November 6 to 10, eradication operations were conducted within the municipality. Further below are photos from said operations. Photos courtesy of the Kibungan municipal police station (MPS).

The municipality of Kibungan ranks as one of the most notorious in the Cordillera region when it comes to the production of the illegal plant. Every year, government authorities conduct operations that often involved raiding plantations, uprooting the plants and burning them to the ground. This has been going on for years and an end to it is unlikely because Kibungan has far-flung regions that are very difficult to be reached. These remote regions are often the sites being used to farm the illegal plants.

Kibungan is an agricultural municipality. Most of the people there earn their living through farming. Some farmers often resort to farming the illegal plants because these are more lucrative thus promising them much bigger paydays.