Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bomb Threat Causes Suspension And Disruption Of Classes In Saint Louis University Baguio City

No one would fault you if you are to declare Baguio City as the Bomb Threat Capital of the Philippines. After all, during the last few months, three bomb threats have rocked three educational institutions in the city. The first one to be targeted was University of the Cordilleras. Then University of the Philippines Baguio. And now Saint Louis University.

Last Friday afternoon (October 10), classes at the main campus of SLU along Bonifacio street had to be suspended so that all students, teachers, and employees can be evacuated after the school received via email a bomb threat stating that there's a bomb within the university's premises.

The university immediately called the Baguio City Police for help. Members of the elite force Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) swept through the campus but they weren't able to find anything. Investigation about the incident is ongoing.

Students of Saint Louis University flocking into the streets as they evacuate the school campus. (Photo: Mark Del Carmen via Facebook)

Some of the teachers in Saint Louis University think that the perpetrator of the threats could be a disgruntled student who failed on any of his exams. The university has just finished its preliminary examinations for their students. It can also be recalled that the threats directed towards UP Baguio several weeks ago were suspected to be students as the threats were sent right on examination day.