Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Town Of La Trinidad At Night. May You Not Lose That Calmness In Your Eyes.

La Trinidad has been on the news lately. Unfortunately, these were stories that shed a bad light on the normally peaceful town. A series of crimes have rocked the town just recently and as expected it stopped some people on their tracks and had them reconsidering whether it's safe to be living here or not. Well, things happen. Especially in a growing urban center like La Trinidad. Anyway, here's to hoping for a more peaceful and calmer La Trinidad.

La Trinidad is home to thousands of people. It is of course saddening to think of the fact that crimes in the town has been on the rise lately. There are also rumors that prostitution is slowly taking hold in the town's streets. Although the police is always looked upon as the solution to these things, the citizens can also do a great job of policing itself and its streets by being vigilant.