Saturday, July 19, 2014

Road Accident In Quezon Hill Leads To Street Brawl Involving A Taxi Driver, A Motorist, And A Concerned Citizen

Here's another case of road rage in the streets of Baguio City and it involved what we often refer to as a "rambulan", a street fight. A citizen who happened to witness the altercation posted on Facebook photos from the incident as well as his/her version of what transpired.

The whole text of his/her post is embedded below but here's the gist of it: Taxi driver and Toyota Hilux driver collide. Hilux driver tries to drive away while taxi driver gets out of his car to chase the Hilux. Front tire of the Hilux explodes prompting the driver to stop. The taxi driver (who is aging) had to be rushed by a fellow taxi driver to the hospital after his blood pressure went up. A police mobile arrives.

When another taxi driver tries to take a picture of the Hilux car, the owner got angry and grabbed a tire wrench. That's when the two got into a fight. A bystander tried to stop the fight but the Hilux driver fought him instead. The policemen who numbered about 10 or 12 can't seem to do anything to stop the altercation. The Hilux driver then locked himself in his car. This transpired for almost 4 hours. The cops then drove away leaving the Hilux driver in his car. Susunod na lang daw siya sa presinto.

There you go. You've read the events. You be the judge on the competence or incompetence of Baguio's finest.