Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Three major universities in Baguio City are shifting their school calendars from June to August

In the next four months, the City of Baguio is going to experience a significant decrease in its population as thousands of students leave for their home provinces or go for out-of-town vacations. This is because three of the city's major universities are moving their academic calendars. Classes will start in the month of August instead of June.

These universities are Saint Louis University, University of Baguio, and University of the Philippines Baguio. The most common reason cited by the universities for the shift is to synchronize their academic calendars with the rest of the world. Another reason if the fact that rains and typhoons are often at their strongest in the months of June and July. In moving the start of classes from June to August, students will be spared from having to deal with these rains and typhoons.

Other universities in the city like University of the Cordilleras and Baguio Central University haven't made any announcement if they are going to make the same move.