Friday, March 14, 2014

Is Jollibee Acting Like They Own Baguio City's Streets?

The branch of Jollibee located along Assumption Road in Baguio City has put up this life-sized figure of their mascot on the sidewalk right across the street. The big question is "Do they have the right to do such a thing?" This is not to mention the fact that the figure is clearly obstructing the sidewalk. As Sir Art Tibaldo, the one who took the photo, mentioned in a post, there are blind folks plying this particular street.

This is a busy public sidewalk and business establishments shouldn't be putting things on it that will obstruct the efficient flow of foot traffic.

However, Jollibee deserves the benefit of a doubt here. Is the cement structure upon which the mascot is standing also theirs? Looking at the photograph, it seems as if it's a road sign or something. It may have been there originally and Jollibee just propped their mascot against it. In any case, this doesn't justify the food chain's obstruction of the sidewalk.
Photo by Sir Art Tibaldo