Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Barangay Kagawad In Baguio City Destroys A Tablet In His Rage

A kagawad in barangay Campo Filipino in Baguio City is currently getting a lot of heat for destroying the tablet (an electronic gadget) of one of his constituents. What's worse, he did it inside a barangay hall. Apparently, he did it because he was pissed that a person was taking pictures inside the barangay hall.

Since when did taking pictures at a barangay hall become a crime? As far as taking pictures inside a public building, I do believe that there is nothing wrong with that. So why was this barangay kagawad getting so angry about it?
For context, here's the whole story as posted by the victim on Facebook:

"I went to the Barangay Hall at 10 am with 25 kilos of good rice to exchange with the NFA rice issued by DSWD to teacher Linda of our Day care center. While we were having picture taking session with the children and mothers in the cramped up space given to them, two barangay kagawads started shouting from the second floor of the Barangay Hall saying that we have no right to be taking pictures in the Barangay Hall.

I turned my tablet to get their pictures as they were shouting at us and this kagawad named Abdulfatah Talib came with such RAGE towards me and grabbed my tablet. My neighbor, Mrs Carbonell, and I went after him up the stairs when this honorable kagawad Talib slammed the tablet on the steps. I tried to pick it up ahead of him but he pushed me away and got the tablet. And this honorale Abdulfatah Talib got to the veranda of the Barangay Hall and was slamming the tablet against the iron railing of the veranda in his RAGE.

I called for the police in the middle of the frightened and angry mothers of the daycare pupils. Glad the police officers came so fast.

This is to unearthed the dirt they wallow in with the protection of their so-called positions."

Photos accompanying the post on Facebook:
Of course, it's our responsibility to analyze a story first before we drop in with our reactions and comments. Just because someone posted something on Facebook and presented it as a fact does not mean it's TRUE. Personally, I'm feeling a bit of apprehension about the victim's post. Although I perceive it as truthful, some aspects of the event seem to have been left out. I could be wrong though. And I'm hoping that the two parties get to settle things. After all, they both reside in the same barangay.