Friday, February 7, 2014

Photos And Updates On The Bus Accident In Talubin, Bontoc

Around 7:30 in the morning of February 7 (Friday), a Florida passenger bus fell off the road within the vicinity of barangay Talubin in the town of Bontoc in Mt. Province. The bus which was on its way to Bontoc from Manila was carrying around 45 to 50 passengers. Fourteen were killed and 31 others were injured.

Contrary to previous reports saying the bus fell of a 500-meter ravine, an updated and more accurate estimate puts it at about 120 meters. Among the victims are two foreigners. One Canadian and one Dutch. Comedian Arvin Jimenez who is more well-known as Tado is also among the fatalities.

A partial list of the names of the injured passengers identified 29 people. However, the latest reports mentioned over 30 passengers who were wounded.

This is the first road accident to have happened in the area (the Baguio-Bontoc road) for this year that took so many lives. It can be recalled that in November of last year, a van accident along Halsema Highway also took two lives including that of Eufemia Lam-en who was president of the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College in Bontoc.

Every year, the roads and highways leading into Benguet and Mt. Province are the scenes of such tragedies. This has earned the Halsema Highway the distinction of being one of the most dangerous roads in the country. Needless to say, something has to be done about it. It's time to impose more stringent measures to help protect people and passengers plying this route.
Here are a few photos from the accident site. All photos are by Wonder Ful via facebook.