Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jessica Soho Says Statements Being Attributed To Her About Alleged Looting Of Bus In Bontoc Are NOT True

Journalist and news reporter Jessica Soho said that the stories and rumors in social media sites saying she made statements alleging that looting happened at the bus accident site in Bontoc, Mt. Province are not true. She posted on the Facebook page for her show State of the Nation With Jessica Soho the following announcement:
"Statements being attributed to me on Facebook on the alleged looting of the bus in Bontoc last Friday, February 7, 2014 are NOT true. I was on leave from the program STATE OF THE NATION (SONA) last Friday.

Other Facebook updates said I made those comments in my program last Saturday.  Those are also NOT true as I do not have a program on Saturdays.  My Sunday program, "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho", did not tackle the Bontoc bus accident. I also made NO mention about this in succeeding telecasts of SONA."

So there you go. All those posts you've been reading on Facebook about the TV anchor and her alleged statements about looting in Bontoc are not true. Needless to say, to my fellow Cordillerans, before you believe anything you read online, please take the time to verify if it's true or not.

I saw dozens of Facebook posts during the last hour bashing Jessica Soho, calling her names, calling her unprofessional, etc. Well, you've been bashing her for no reason at all. She has never said anything about looting.
Here's Soho's statement in it's entirety:

I repeat, let us learn to control ourselves when reacting to things we read or see online. Knee-jerk reactions will take you nowhere. Just look at what just happened. We made FOOLS of ourselves. We embarrassed ourselves.

So next time, agpanunot tayo bassit apo bago tayo ag-react about issues being posted online. I-verify tayo met ah bassit no agpayso wenno haan.