Sunday, November 28, 2021

Apetor Is Dead: The Untimely Death of Tor Eckhoff, Internet Celebrity and Frozen Lake Skater (And Drinker)

I woke up to a bright and beautiful morning today. It didn't last very long. In mornings like these, I would scroll through my Reddit newsfeed while sipping on hot coffee and munching on breakfast. An entry in today's newsfeed hit me particularly hard. I learned that Apetor has died. You probably have never heard of the name but the man has what can be considered as a cult following online. And I'm a part of that cult. To understand what I'm talking about, I suggest that you pay a quick visit to Apetor's YouTube channel and watch some of his videos.

Then come back here.

How will I describe Apetor's videos? He's like the internet's version of Mr. Bean. He doesn't talk. He just makes nonsensical noises. There are no structure to his videos. He's just being himself doing goofy stuff. Kissing trees, skating almost naked on thin ice, skating with a chainsaw, skating and drinking vodka, bathing in frozen lakes, eating leaves, the list goes on.

Apetor, a Norwegian whose real name is Tor Eckhoff has been making videos and putting them on YouTube for years. His unique brand of humor has earned him a sizable following. As I write this, he has 1.19 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Cause of Death

Apetor celebrated his birthday 5 days before he died. In his last video which he titled "I am Not Dead, I Am 57 Today", Apetor celebrated his birthday doing more of his goofy stuff. It's not the first time that he has done this proof-of-life video. Apetor has been battling cancer for a while and he would often post a video on his birthday as proof that he was still alive.

When I learned that he passed away, I assumed that he has finally succumbed to cancer. Well, he did not. He actually fell through the ice and drowned. According to the police he fell through the ice while making one of his videos. He was reportedly alone on Jakobs Dam. He was found by rescue divers and was flown to a hospital (Ulleval) but he didn't make it. Well, at least he died doing something he loved. It's still sad to seem him go.

"Fly high old friend. You have made millions smile by just being you even at their hardest time. May you fly high to the heavens you deserve." - by Smiley (a comment left on Apetor's last uploaded video on YouTube)